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giotto 03

giotto_03_societa_italiana_packagingVertical packaging machine mod. “Giotto 3″ is molding / filling / closing of 3-welded and cushioned bags. Robust and silent is particularly suitable for packaging with modified atmosphere (with the addition of gas in the bags) or less of products of various granulometry. Thanks to the towing system, the machine achieves speeds of up to 120 empty packs, guaranteeing maximum weld sealing.

Production speed, max:
mec. 120 cycles / min, 70 cpm with product

Pack size, max:

320×360 mm (flattened bag)

Coil Diameter, max:

350 mm

Coil Range, max:

610 mm

Air Consumption:

12 NI / 6 atm loop

Energy Consumption:

2kW 380V 50Hz three-phase + N + T

Machine dimensions:

1700x1200x1780 mm (length x width x height)


500 Kg